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Canoe rentals


Begining in the month of June, from 9am to 7pm from tuesday to friday. Come and meet us by the riverside, next to the Moulins' camping-car area. Have a good time, rent a canoe, a kayak as you desire and visit the natural reserve of the Val d'Allier. With a group, your familly or friends, enjoy the Allier adventure. 


An hour

Rent a canoe, a kayak, a paddle for an hour. and discover Moulins'  outskirts, or just relax and   enjoy the sight by the water


Half a day

Rent a canoe, a kayak for half a day, and discover the National Natural reserve of Val d'Allier, biodiversity gem of the Bourbonnais country.


A day

Rent a canoe, a kayak for a day, and enjoy the different sightseeing and nature of the bourbonnais country at your pace .

24€  to 28€ 

Several days

Go and live the Allier adventure, several days in autonomy. Camp along the water and discover one of the most preserved river in France .

25€ the first day then 20€, and 18€ for all next


Those prices are for each person, valid for the 2020 season. A -50% discount is applied for children under 8. Group prices from 8 people. Press the picture to know more about the trip. If your group requires a guide, please demand your estimate.

Good to know
- For each trip, the meeting point is located at chemin de Halage, 03000 Moulins -
Good to know
- The prices above include insurrrance, life vests, paddles, waterproof boxes and transportation, (except for several days)  -
- We only dispose of a limited human and material forces, so that it is always better to reserve and plan your trip in advance  -
- It is mandatory that each and every user can swim 25m and submerge. In some cases a justification can be asked -
- An adult, with a valid ID by group is necessary for each trip -
- We cannot accept credit cards as a payment solution -
- The parking lot next to the canoe station is free, but unsupervised -
- For efficiency regards, and to limit our impact, departures are set to fixed times -

For an hour

With a canoe, kayak or a paddle

No reservation is needed

At the end of the day, to refresh yourself, or just to paddle for a bit.

Come and discover Moulins and its surrondings by the water.

Departure  : Moulins

Arrival       : Moulins

Ancre 1

For half a day

With a canoe, or a kayak

Come and discover the natural reserve of Val d'Allier, the second richest in Europe by its biodiversity.

Follow the meanders, and discover a both wild and calm river. Enjoy the sight, while paddling on your rythm.

Departure : Chemilly                                                            

Arrival       : Moulins                                                                   12Km - 2H

1/2 journée

For a day

With a canoe, or a kayak

The Classic -22€-

You'll go nearly all through the natural reserve of Val d'Allier, second richest reserve of France by its biodiversity. This ride is open to all levels of paddlers.

Navette : Châtel de Neuvre

Arrivée : Moulins                                                      22Km - 4H

The Long one -26€-:

Go and visit the Allier after Moulins, wild and full of life. This ride is reserved for people with a bit more experience.

Departure   : Moulins

Arrival         : Le Veurdre                                                32Km - 6H


For several days

With a canoe, or a kayak

Go for several days in total roaming on the Allier river. The choice of the ride is yours. From the Allier to the Loire, through the remarquable bec d'Allier.

Any doubt, about your trip? Our team can give you pieces of advice if needed and adapt the ride to your needs and desires.

Transportation cost is to add to renting costs, it represents 0,5 €/Km (up to 8people, then 1€/Km).

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